Floating Villa is located in the seaside part of Arcadia, in the Arkadian Village

Location of Floating Villa

Floating Villa has all comforts for every season. The view, the services and the numerous activities that the traveler can enjoy here in the beauties of Kynouria and in the wider Arcadia as well, make our accommodation the ideal destination for every occasion.

It is located in the Arcadian Village, in the seaside part of the Municipality of North Kynouria, in Arcadia.

It is a newly built settlement of two hundred and fifty inhabitants, built on a small peninsula with the passion and love of the locals. The settlement was built in the 1980s, following the need of the American Arcadians to be reunited with their place of origin.

The love and aesthetics with which this project became a reality, make this place a combination of all the elements of both the Arcadian landscape and the Arkadian tradition and hospitality.

The location of Floating Villa makes it the best accommodation for every visitor who seeks both the tranquility of isolation and the enchanting experiences that the surrounding areas can provide, since it is at a minimum distance from of historical sites, religious destinations and cultural events where locals and visitors participate, as well as in sport activities organized by the clubs that we have in the area.

The mountain destinations, which are a breath away from our accommodation, guarantee that you will be enchanted by their wild beauty.They are the perfect destination for every visitor who seeks the mystery and the dreamlike simplicity of nature just like the immersive mountain of Parnon. The landscape is ideal for simple excursions through the breathtaking mountain trails by walking, but also for far more adventurous activities such as climbing or hiking. In any case, the natural beauty of the place will reward you, making your visit unforgettable.

In the village of Agios Andreas which is five minutes away, you can also visit one of the most beautiful shops of its kind, with traditional products ,the finest cellar wine and liqueurs, combining tradition and quality !!!