Welcome to Floating Villa

Integral Space

Our exceptional suites can be certainly offered as a whole accommodation space for an integrated travel experience up to twelve people.

The comfort,the luxury and high aesthetics featuring Floating Villa complex are at your disposal in order to enjoy with your company or your family a stay of high standards.

Exquisite Hosting

Welcome to Arcadia,the place of Gods.Where history is born again and again, where the earth takes its first breath in the depths of the ages.

Floating Villa is located in the eastern Peloponnese, very close to Astros Kynourias, in the Arcadian Village.

Its exemplary hospitality and leisure facility,will fascinate you on every trip to the beautiful Kynouria.

Our journey begins along the Arcadian shoreline, reaching up to the foot of the bright top of the mountain Parnonas.

Here your senses will blend in with your experiences after a magical journey.

The perfect start for a stay that will allow you to get lost in the immense beauty of the place, but also in the services that with such passion we offer you here in Floating Villa.

Just two hours from Athens, in the Municipality of Kynouria, you will meet Arcadian Village, a village built on a small, emerald peninsula.

The wave, the scenery, the exemplary hospitality, the flavors and smells as well as the unique view we offer you, are surely the elements that will travel you beyond your dreams.

Floating Villa is available throughout the year so you can have the chance to enjoy an unforgettable stay during weekends, festive seasons and even participate in the large number of unique events taking place here.


The hospitality in all its splendor, Nephele amazes with its beauty and the comfort it offers. A luxury experience, an aesthetic journey and a place of relaxation and warmth is exactly what every visitor needs.


The combination of harmony and wave foam is the perfect figure of ancient Greek mythology that can be honored in our guesthouse. Here nature is connected with man in a unique journey of relaxation and exploration.


Our place offers all kinds of activities, which promise to fill the taste of even our most demanding visitor. Starting from the wet element, our shores are ideal for swimming as they have been awarded with the Blue Flag.


Floating Villa has all comforts for every season. The view, the services and the numerous activities that the traveler can enjoy here in the beauties of Kynouria and in the wider Arcadia as well, make our accommodation the ideal destination for every occasion.

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