Unique hosting experience!

Integral Space

Our exceptional suites can be certainly offered as a whole accommodation space for an integrated travel experience up to twelve people.

The comfort,the luxury and high aesthetics featuring Floating Villa complex are at your disposal in order to enjoy with your company or your family a stay of high standards.


During the ancient times, Nephele was the goddess of hospitality.She was the mother of Frixos and Helle and wife of King Athamantas.

The hospitality in all its splendor, Nephele amazes with its beauty and the comfort it offers. A luxury experience, an aesthetic journey and a place of relaxation and warmth is exactly what every visitor needs.At the first level of our guesthouse you will find the three bedrooms.The main room with access to the two balconies is the perfect spot for your morning eye contact with the sea view.At this spot,you can enjoy all the magic that our location provides, while enjoying every comfort, with a king-size bed and a separate bathroom, because we believe that luxury is an element that must accompany every step of your experience.

In the second room we have a bunk bed with semi-double beds and access to the balcony. In the third bedroom you will find a double bed with a shared bathroom for the two-bedroom guests while you will naturally have access to the view of our guesthouse through the common balcony from which you can enjoy your breakfast just in front of the enchanting landscape of our accommodation.Moving to the second level of our guesthouse,where practicality, luxury and delight meet.Going up the wooden stairs, you will find the lounge-living room, which is united with the kitchen, combining the luxury of space, the simplicity, the functionality,the warmth and the aesthetic pleasure of the unique view that is offered in all all of our spaces.After having your breakfast on our balcony, you can visit the magnificent beach and the wild charm of the mountain slopes of our region.


In ancient times, Leukothea or Ino, was the goddess of foam and waves and the second wife of King Athamantas.

The combination of harmony and wave foam is the perfect figure of ancient Greek mythology that can be honored in our guesthouse. Here nature is connected with man in a unique journey of relaxation and exploration.When entering the guesthouse, you will find yourself in a multi-purpose room with all the comforts. We have a comfortable bathroom so that you can rejuvenate from your trip, a beautiful dining room for your meals, a luxurious living room, a kitchen to prepare your own breakfast, and a king-size bed for you to indulge in the immense view from your window in the morning.

In our second room you will find two bunk beds overlooking the sea. Our guesthouse has also a garden with all the comforts so that you can enjoy the tranquility with your morning coffee, you can have Barbeque events or just for an evening relaxation by drinking a drink without having to sacrifice the enchanting sound of the sea, which is just a few meters away.