Activities that will fill the taste of even our most demanding guest

Our place provides

all kinds of activities






Our place offers all kinds of activities, which promise to fill the taste of even our most demanding visitor. Starting from the wet element, our shores are ideal for swimming as they have been awarded with the Blue Flag.

Here you can do kitesurf and windsurf or even ,as our open seas combined with the winds make the area ideal for such sports. Also, if you have the equipment, the place is the ultimate destination for diving lovers, since the underwater scenery consists another secret beauty of our region.

However, if the sea element is not what you are looking for, you can take part in climbing. hiking or walking routes and trails that have been organized by local clubs, or public associations, on the unique paths that mountain Parnon generously offers.

Visit to Nature and Natural Attractions

The magnificent locations and unique natural landscapes do not start when you reach your destination. On your way here, you will come across Lake Moustos, a protected wetland, which is a migratory bird stopover. At this point you can admire the natural landscape as well as life itself as you will find a large number of rare birds and fish in the area.

For those seeking the beauty of nature in the absolute purity, they can visit the waterfalls of Lepida and Platanos, two pristine natural landscapes, which however, are not any far from the picturesque taverns of the area that will offer you the rest you need to continue your journey

When you are ready for your mountain tour, we would recommend you to visit the villages of Kastanitsa and Prastos, two historical villages of Tsakonia, where the Tsakonian dialect is still alive and spoken.

Going down to the sea side, Paralio Astros is only ten kilometers away from our beautiful picturesque village where there are many restaurants and taverns that offer you a variety of options, from traditional local cuisine to gourmet delicious meals, while the port of the area has the ability to accommodate large and small boats and yachts as it is a really nice stop for sailing trips. For those who love religious tourism, our location is ideal, as it is famous for its monasteries, which every year attract really large crowds from every part of Greece and abroad. Some of the most remarkable are, of course, the monastery of Malevi, with its secret paths, the monastery of Paleopanagia, with the sacred heirlooms, the monastery of Elona, which stands impressive on the rocks of Parnon, the monastery of Artokosta, which is harmoniously hidden in the cypresses and the chestnut trees, the Holy Monastery of the Metamorphosis of the Savior, next to the beautiful river Tano, and many more, seeing that our area has a great history with deep religious roots.For all of your basic needs do not forget that in the village of Agios Andreas you will find supermarkets,a pharmacy store,a doctor and more.